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This is a role-playing journal for Gabriel from The Prophecy series of films. He doesn't belong to me, and neither does the religious figure-- I am just borrowing to have a little fun, which makes me no money, and really does nothing but waste my time in a pleasant way. Everything herein is a work of fiction. I am not and never have been an angel. I don't play the trumpet.

I am not affiliated with the creators, or the writers, or the actors, or Christopher Walken, whose face I love dearly and who is basically the best thing in these movies.

I make no money off anything herein, and don't want to. Don't take things too seriously.

This post is reserved for OOC contact.

☞ Am I doing it wrong? Am I doing it right? Please use this post for any concerns/complaints/random thoughts &c about how I play this heavenly jerk. Anonymous is allowed, though not preferred, as specificity is helpful. I do screen anon just for the sake of mitigating the chances of spam.

☞ DO YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH ME. PLZ? If you'd like to plot with me that is a-okay too, just leave a message! Or hit me up on AIM or via e-mail or something, idek, smoke signals, whatever! ilu. ♥

☞ If for any reason you have a problem playing with Gabriel, this would be a good place to mention it so we can work it out.
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2 0 1 4   a c t i v i t y   c h e c k s ;
APRILdebt: 60,000,000,605 years, 09 months, 01 weeks
MAYdebt: 60,000,000,605 years, 08 months, 01 weeks
JUNEdebt: 60,000,000,605 years, 05 months, 03 weeks
JULYdebt: 60,000,000,605 years, 04 months, 01 weeks
AUGUSTdebt: 60,000,000,605 years, 03 months, 01 week
SEPTEMBERdebt: 60,000,000,605 years, 03 months, 01 week
OCTOBERdebt: 60,000,000,604 years, 10 months, 03 weeks
NOVEMBERdebt: 60,000,000,604 years, 09 months, 00 weeks


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